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1955 Super 29

I just came across your "Museum" of historical ads and was pleased to find Westwood Products, Inc., trailers included. Last year I purchased a 1955 Super 29, 1 Bedroom model and began a restoration project. I do have 3 original sales brochures, that I have had laminated, but would like to include copies of the ads you have in my collection of our trailer's history. The trailer has not moved in over 20 years and now sits in a campground in Michigan, where I plan to keep it. It is a kind of "landmark" in the park and our efforts to bring her back to her original glory have been well received. Next year we'll be celebrating her 50th anniversary and any other information that you can provide about Westwood would be fun include in our own collection.

I have attached a photo of how she looked when I bought her.

                                                               Ted Hall             Grand Rapids, MI

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