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1958 Great Lakes

Dear Atlas,

I have enjoyed your "Trailer Coach Timeline Museum". I have a 1955 Great Lakes (8 x 50) that is in very good condition. As far as I know most all of the cabinets, fixtures and even the Refridge. is the original. A older man lived in it in White Haven Pa. for about 25 years, then it was purchased for a vacation house and moved about 10 miles down the road about 1980. I purchased it in 1998 and use it about 1 weekend a month for a get-a-away. I would be happy to take some pictures of the inside for you if you like. The interior is identical to the 1952, 29 footer shown on your website. There are many old trailers from the 40's and 50's that are in my neighborhood. I have attached a picture of the rear of the trailer for you. If you want to place it in your museum I would be "honored" !

                                       Best Regards Dean Kershaw

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